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The Board of Ethnicities 

The Board of Ethnicities of Lam Dong province

I. Address

Address: 36 Tran Phu Street - Da Lat City - Lam Dong Province.

Tel: (84.263).3812114

Fax: (84.263).3813235


II. Department's leaders

1. Mr. Võ Văn Hoàng

2. Mr. Dơ Wang Ya Gương

3. Mr. Bon Yo Soan

Chief of Board    02633.819.087  

Deputy Chief  0918.361.880

Deputy Chief      0946.941789

III. Position and Functions

1. The Ethnicities Board is a professional agency which has the same level as Department, under the provincial People's Committee authority, which shall function to advise and assist the provincial People's Committees in performing the function of State management of missions of ethnicities.

2. The Ethnicities Board has legal status, its own seal and account and is under the leadership in organizational management and staff of the provincial People's Committee, and it is the subject to the direction, instruction, control and inspection on professional service of the Ethnicities Committee

IV. Duties and Powers

1. The People's Committees of province:

- Issue decisions, directives and other documents issued under the provincial People's Committee on ethnic affairs;

- Approve 5 year plan and annual plans, policies, programs, schemes and projects on ethnic affairs; measures to implement the tasks of state administrative reform under the State management of the people.

- Prescribe the standard titles for heads, deputies of the units, parts of the Ethnicities Board, head, deputy head of the Ethnicities offices under the district People's Committee

2. The Chairman of the provincial People's Committee

- Makes decisions, directives and other documents issued under the authority of the Chairman of the provincial People's Committees on ethnic affairs;

- Defines the relationship between ethnicities Board working with the related departments branches and district-level People's Committees;

- Decides to establish, merge, split, reorganize the organizations and units of the province in accordance with national law.

3. Guides, inspects and organizes the implementation of legal documents, planning, plans, programs, proposals, projects and policies in the field of ethnic affairs, informs and propagandizes, circulates, and urges law under the management of the Government of Ethnicities Board for ethnic minorities, encourages ethnic minorities in the province to implement the policies of the Communist party, and National law.

4. Implements policies, programs, projects, schemes and investment in experimental models of particular social-economic development, supports stable life for ethnic minority in particularly difficult, deep, remote areas and permanent cultivation and resident affairs in the province.

5. Committees of the provinces help plan and implement policies, programs and projects by the Ethnicities Board. Manage, direct, monitor, synthesize and preliminary and final review and evaluate the implementation of programs and projects, national policies at local levels to advise and propose policies and measures to address poverty issues, poverty reduction, the sedentarization, migration of the ethnic minority areas and other issues relating to ethnic affairs in the province.

6. Assist the provincial People's Committee welcome the organization, visit, addressing the aspirations of ethnic minorities policies under regulations of the law and guide the Convention of Representatives of Ethnic minorities at all levels and helps PPC organize the Convention of Representatives of Ethnic minorities on the provincial level periodically, select and propose the authorities to compliment groups or individuals representing ethnic minorities who have excellent achievement in work, production and social-economic development - social, reducing poverty, maintaining security, order and good exemplary implementation of the policies of the Communist party, and National law.

7. Guide for professional management services of ethnic affairs for district ethnicities offices and civil servants to help the People's Committees of communes, wards and towns manage the ethnic affairs.

8. Implement international cooperation in the field of ethnic affairs prescribed by law and authorized by the provincial People's Committees; others in the evaluation of projects and schemes by the departments and the related agencies in the construction of ethnic minorities in the province.

9. Study and do research, apply scientific and technological progress, build databases, information systems, storage of management to serve of the national control of ethnic affairs.

10. Test, inspect and handle violations, settle complaints and denunciations according to law, anti-corruption, thrift practice and waste combat in the field of ethnic affairs in accordance with law and the division-level of People's Committees of the province.

11. Coordinate with Department of the Interior in the arrangement of public employees from ethnic minorities working in the professional agencies under People's Committees of province and district officials and civil servants who work in national committees commune-level People. Collaborate with education and training Department to recruit minority students to learn at universities, colleges, vocational schools, boarding in accordance with national law.

12. Gather statistics, inform, periodically report on the situation and immediate tasks of ethnic affairs in the province and their assigned tasks in accordance with the PPC and Ethnicities Committee.

13. Regulate the functions, duties and powers of the relationship of the offices and units of Ethnicities Committees, manage the organization and payroll, implement wage, policies and modes treatment, training and retraining, praising and punishing of officials, civil servants under the management of the Ethnicities Committee in accordance with the law and the division-level of the PPC.

14. Manage the finance, asset allocation and implement the budget allocated under the provisions of law and decentralization of the provincial People's Committee

V. Leader board

1. The Ethnicities Board has 1 Head and no more than 3 deputy heads

2. The head is the head of the Board, responsible to the provincial People's Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committees and the law for all activities of the Ethnicities Board;

3.Deputy heads are assistants for the Head, responsible to the Head and the law for their assigned tasks; during the Head's absence, deputy heads are authorized to administer the activities of the Ethnicities Board

4. The appointment, reappointment, dismissal, transfer, transfer, resignation, reward, punishment, implementation of regimes and policies for heads and deputy heads follow provisions of law and the current division-level staff management

Management agency: Center Manage electronic information, of the Department of Information and Communications
Main responsible: Mr. Nguyen Viet Van - Director of Department of Information and Communications
Address: 36 Trần Phú, Ward 4,Da Lat city
Tel: 0263.3545579 - Fax: 0263.3545455 - Email:
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