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Photos recall glorious historical pages 

74 years ago, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed the Declaration of Independence in Hanoi, announcing the birth of Vietnam. From this historic moment, a new chapter has opened in the nation’s history.

Over the last seven decades, Independence – Freedom – Happiness have always been the ardent desire of the Vietnamese people and a source of great encouragement for all to overcome hardships and adversity (Photo: VNA)


The journey of the past 74 years has been arduous but the invincible spirit and historical value of the August Revolution are always a source of strength for the entire Party and people to continue writing glorious historical pages (Photo: VNA)


President Ho Chi Minh proclaimes the Declaration of Independence in Hanoi, announcing the birth of the then Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Sept. 2, 1945 (Photo: VNA)


President Ho Chi Minh (front, centre) and other members of the provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Sept. 3, 1945 (Photo: VNA)


Ba To Guerilla Unit moves to Quang Ngai town in the central region to join local people to rise up to seize power, Aug. 14, 1945 (Photo: VNA)


Over 12 days and nights of the Battle of Dien Bien Phu in the Air, the Hanoi air defence grids and all across the north of Vietnam shot down 81 airplanes, including 34 expensive B52s (Photo: VNA)


Hanoi capital is liberated, October 10, 1954 (Photo: VNA)


Flag flies on top of French General De Castries, marking Dien Bien Phu victory that ended French colonial rule in Vietnam (Photo: VNA)


The August Revolution is not only a significant milestone in Vietnamese history but also a historic international event that strongly encouraged people around the world to commit to the struggle for national independence, democracy and social progress (Photo: VNA)


A liberation army tank crashes through the main gate, signaling the victory of liberation forces, marking the victorious end of the 30-year resistance war of the Vietnamese nation, Apr. 30, 1975 (Photo: VNA)



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