Dalat Flower Festival 2017: Organized "Silk - Tea " 

On the morning of December 1, Bao Loc People's Committee (Lam Dong) held a meeting to announce the information on Tea and Silk Tea Weekly entitled "Silk - Tea". This is a unique event in the series of events Dalat Flower Festival 2017.

According to the Bao Loc People's Committee, the tea culture and silk culture festival will be organized to further promote the production of tea and silk processing in Bao Loc city in particular, Lam Dong province in general. The Promote trade promotion activities in the local tea and silk industry. The event also aims to promote the development of the tea, mulberry and silk industries, improving the quality and value of the products.

Accordingly, the event will have 5 main programs and 8 response programs such as tea picking contest; Seminar on finding solutions to develop tea, silk and weaving industry in association with hi-tech agriculture development; Silk fashion show ... In which the program will take place from 23 to 27.12.2017 in Bao Loc.

When participating in Tea and Silk Culture Week activities, visitors will enjoy the exhibition space of famous silk products, silk production process, visit the tea area associated with process of take good care and made tea, ...

Currently, Bao Loc has 7,716 hectares of tea (accounting for over 32% of total tea area in Lam Dong) with an average production of 20,566 tonnes of dried tea per year (of which green tea accounts for 89,1%, the rest is black tea and oolong). In silk, the total silk production in 2016 is 1,626.7 tons, total silk production in 2016 is 5.68 million square meters. Bao Loc silk is exported to many countries such as Japan, USA, India, European countries, Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh.